On Thursday, January 25th, at 5:00 PM, the Hop Gallery will open an exhibition by Aune Taamal titled "A Snail Climbing Mount Fuji, Slowly..."

In this exhibition, you can see textiles created in a unique author's technique inspired by the title of her graduation thesis at the Estonian Academy of Arts (formerly the Tallinn Academy of Arts) 30 years ago, which was "Oh, snail, climb up Mount Fuji, but slowly, slowly..." The central theme of the exhibition for the artist is the act of moving slowly, aiming to create a counterbalance to the rush of the surrounding world, emphasizing the presence in the moment and space and the symbiosis within it. The artist describes her upcoming exhibition as follows: 

I can't exactly remember what prompted me to use the haiku of the Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa back then. Perhaps it was the contrast - the smallness of the act compared to the great mountain. In fact, this three-line haiku contains a lot of wisdom - to navigate towards the highest goal we can imagine. Find your own Fuji and climb it as slowly as possible! The process of moving towards the goal can be the best that life has to offer. Happiness and contentment are not necessarily in achieving, but in the journey itself. These 30 years have passed, metaphorically speaking, while constantly climbing, evolving creatively, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, always at my own pace. Reaching the summit may not even be the goal; what matters is the journey itself. It would get boring if one day there was nothing left to strive for. The slowness of the act of movement allows us to feel, to see the whole even in smaller things, and to understand where it fits in time and space.


I associate the slowness of the act with the fact that my works are created through a series of activities such as planning, cutting, connecting, melting, dissolving, embroidering, collaging... and they require quite a bit of time to complete. The exhibited works are characterized by lightness, airiness, transparency, and theatricality. They reflect the fragility of life, our delicate existence, containing various emotions and experiences, both moments of joy and scars. Sometimes it feels like it's not me who creates the work, but the work creates itself, growing from the inner journeys, from the pattern of my existence. In my works, I combine various visual symbols and codes: E. Enno, D. Kareva, lines from Rumi's poetry, texts from the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi's book "Tao Te Ching," which is also called the Book of the Power of Flowing. The process can be defined as the transformation of text into textile art. I have used texts as a design element in my works before. Jokingly, perhaps this love for text arises from the similarity between the words "text" and "textile," or it is prompted by the feeling that mere symbols and codes may not convey the meaning as effectively as the power hidden within words. Although the authors and texts I use in my works are diverse, they are connected as a thread of thought - the snail climbing its life's mountain, or me experiencing my original nature, the deeper essence of life.


Aune Taamal (born 1963) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in textile art (1993). In her creative work, Taamal experiments with various textile materials and techniques, favoring transparent textures that allow her to create multi-layered spatial installations. Taamal's works have been exhibited in various exhibitions in Estonia and abroad. A. Taamal is a member of the Estonian Artists' Association, the Estonian Textile Artists' Association, and Studio 22. In addition to her creative pursuits, Taamal has been the gallery owner of Lühikese Jala Galerii since 2012.


The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment and the Estonian Artists' Association.

Exhibitions at HOP Gallery are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the Estonian Ministry of Culture, and Liviko AS.


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