From January 22nd to March 6th, the Saaremaa Art Studio Gallery presents the exhibition "VETEVARDJAD" by Ehalill Halliste, showcasing her tapestries.

 For over 50 years, Ehalill Halliste has enriched Estonian textile art with her unique and lyrical style. She has created colorful and life-affirming tapestries and woven rugs, crafted altar cloths for the Hageri Lambertus Church, delved into the depths of limestone, adorned Estonian women with shawls, and searched for Ehalill.

In 2023, Ehalill Halliste was elected an honorary member of the Estonian Artists' Association.


The exhibition "VETEVARDJAD" consists of rugs created over the past four years, inspired by the author's ideas. These rugs delve into the ancient past when our limestone settled in warm seawater, and the author sought to mimic the wondrous facets of the stone in tapestry technique. "All or Nothing" points to the fragility of the world and its contrasting interpretations. Beneath Caribbean palm trees, many of us find our dream wings. Young ice brings coolness to the face of a young Japanese girl. Viraaz performs daring somersaults in a golden composition. Oversized flowers transform into Ehalill's flowers when viewed through three-quarters of a century - "Florissimo" and "Flora Blue." "VETEVARDJAD," my newest pair of rugs, guards the water mirrors, especially the coastlines of the islands, like ancient ancestors of yore.


The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.


For more information, please contact:

Anne Tootmaa

Saaremaa Art Studio


Tel: 4533748