Estonian Textile Artists

Annual Textile Awards

The Estonian Textile Artists' Association (ETAA) annually presents the prestigious awards: the Textile Artist of the Year, Young Textile Artist of the Year, and the Textile Achievement of the Year. These accolades are a professional recognition organized under the auspices of the ETAA Board.


The Textile Artist of the Year award* acknowledges exceptional contributions in the fields of textile art and design. Eligible candidates are ETAA members, nominated by the ETAA Board based on their creative endeavors over the calendar year. The Board proposes up to seven nominees for this award to a jury. Typically, artists who were the previous year's recipients are not nominated again.

The Young Textile Artist of the Year award honors remarkable achievements in textile art and design by artists or designers up to 35 years old. ETAA membership is not a prerequisite for this award, and students are also eligible to apply. If submitting guided works, references to the educational institution and mentor should be included. However, independent creative projects are given priority in the award decision. 

Candidates must submit photographic documentation along with information about works, exhibitions, or projects**  from the previous year to the ETAA Board by a specified deadline. Submissions can be made either in paper format or electronically.


The Textile Achievement of the Year is awarded for significant socio-cultural impact in the field of textile art or design in the preceding year. This recognition also covers educational, publishing, and other activities supporting the profession. All ETAA members can nominate candidates for this recognition, and the recipient need not be an ETAA member. Proposals, along with explanatory information, must be submitted to the ETAA Board in writing (either on paper or electronically) by a set deadline.


*The ETAA has been awarding the Textile Artist of the Year since 1996.

**A project may include an exhibition covering a longer period than one year, a product development project, or other long-term professional undertakings.


Nominees for Textile Artist of the Year and candidates for the Young Textile Artist award are required to present a portfolio to the jury. This portfolio should include images and an overview of exhibitions and projects, with optional additions of written articles, reviews, publications, or other relevant materials at the author's discretion.

If only one artist or designer applies for a particular award, the jury will decide whether to grant the award based on the submitted materials and the context of the previous year's textile activities. The jury may also highlight outstanding authors in various categories (e.g., best product, best interior design, best textile writing, best group exhibition, etc.) and award a lifetime achievement prize.

The ETAA Board organizes the award presentation: compiles the submitted materials, convenes the jury, issues press releases about the results, and determines the time and place for award presentation, organizing an exhibition for the awardees when possible. The award includes a diploma and, where possible, a monetary prize. The main focus is on garnering greater recognition for both the award winners and the textile art and design field in general.


Jury Composition

  • Previous Textile Artist of the Year
  • Previous Young Textile Artist of the Year
  • Representative from the Estonian Artists' Association
  • Representative from the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
  • Representative from the Estonian Association of Interior Architects or Estonian Association of Designers (EAD)
  • Press representative
  • Art historian


Scoring System

Evaluation is conducted in writing with score sheets.

1st place: 5 points

2nd place: 4 points

3rd place: 3 points

4th place: 2 points

5th place: 1 point

  • In case of a tie, the winner is the one with the most maximum points.
  • If multiple candidates have equal maximum points, a jury vote is held.
  • The jury's decision is final and discussions within the jury are confidential.
  • Results are not disclosed until the award ceremony.

The Textile Artist of the Year award winners

2022 Elna Kaasik
2021 Krista Leesi
2020 Ülle Saatmäe
2019 Krista Leesi
2018 Lylian Meister
2017 Mare Kelpman
2016 Kaire Tali
2015 Erika Pedak
2014 Krista Leesi
2013 Kadi Pajupuu
2012 Katrin Pere
2011 Ene Pars
2010 Mare Kelpman
2009 Maasike Maasik
2008 Anu Raud
2007 Aet Ollisaar
2006 Milvi Thalheim
2005 Peeter Kuutma
2004 Tiina Puhkan
2003 Mare Kelpman
2002 Tiina Puhkan
2001 Krista Leesi
2000 Ülle Raadik
1999 Elna Kaasik
1998 Katrin Pere
1997 Erika Pedak
1996 Katrin Pere