Exhibition opening on Thursday, April 18, at 5 p.m. The opening will feature a performance by Veronika Portsmuth's Choir Academy Chamber Choir.

Both land and sea are important; the proximity and vastness of the sea shape the land and its people. The proximity of the sea affects the arrival of seasons and sparks thoughts of distant places. On this side of the sea border is our everyday life, our daily existence, which we may not always pay attention to. We are accustomed to the presence of the city, the forest, and the land. Beyond the sea border lies a distant, colorful, and dreamlike idyll.

 The fabrics for this exhibition have been created in recent years, each fabric pair telling its own story. Together, these stories form a picture that has been significant to me at this moment. In my work, I have focused on the beauty and charm of life, creating figurative narratives painted on silk. The fabrics "Beyond the Sea Border" were created for the Year of Maritime Culture.

 Painting on silk is a journey with an unpredictable end result. First comes the idea, and then layer by layer, continuous transformation occurs. With batik, you only see the final result when the wax is ironed out, and the unpredictability of the outcome is the reason why I embark on this process again and again. I love this journey very much.

 The exhibition is a complement to my solo exhibition "Time Framed" at the Design and Architecture Gallery in February, which was a retrospective of works created at different times and in different techniques, including fabrics painted specifically for that exhibition.

Sigrid Huik

Sigrid Huik (born 1964) studied spatial and furniture design at the Estonian State Art Institute (ERKI) and graduated from the textile art department of ERKI in 1988. In her work, she expresses herself through both tapestry and delicate silk painting techniques, occasionally incorporating unexpected nuances. Huik's works have been exhibited in various exhibitions in Estonia and abroad, and her creations can be found in several public spaces and in the collection of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. Sigrid Huik is a member of the Estonian Artists' Association, the Estonian Textile Artists' Union, and one of the shareholders of the applied art gallery Kunstiaken.