We invite you to the opening of textile artist Ilme Rätsep's exhibition "CONNECTIONS" at Saaremaa Art Studio on Thursday, March 7th at 5:00 PM.

Following the exhibition opening, there will be a lecture on "Textiles in Interiors" and a wax painting workshop.



The first connection is with nature, which began in childhood. I was six years old when my parents first took me camping in nature. I learned that humans are part of nature.

The second connection is with people. How to communicate and relate...

Thirdly, an countless number of various connections.

When painting in the quiet of the studio, I likely draw upon a large part of the connections I've experienced over the years. I don't always know how I do it, but I know why I do it. From the sketch on paper to the finished fabric, the journey is one where the end result cannot be foreseen. Painting with hot wax allows for limitless exploration and free movement in the realms of imagination.

I have been painting for forty-five years, and if I had already learned or could foresee the end result, there would be no reason to open the paint jars.

Technology has provided opportunities to use photography in addition to painting. A photo is an objective document. The reality perceived on-site, with different sensations, is something entirely different, perhaps subjective. Thus, I add perceptions and insights to my images.

Photographing in the nature of Estonia is like a distant connection to childhood.

Humans are still a part of nature.

Text: Ilme Rätsep


LECTURE "TEXTILES IN INTERIORS" with designer Margus Haavamägi.



The workshop introduces the technique of encaustic painting. The basic principles of the technique can be learned on paper. Small-format pictures will be created, suitable for enriching the interior or delighting loved ones when turned into postcards.

Bring along good spirits and a desire to try something new.

All necessary materials will be provided on-site.


The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

For more information: Anne Tootmaa

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